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Corporate Gift: Do's and Don'ts of Client Gift Giving


Do make a plan – Corporate gift giving is not purely on prolonged at the department store or shopping online, wrapping gifts, and giving it to your client. It should be planned and carefully worked out. Corporate gift is an investment both on money and pertinence; making sure that every gift that you give to each of your client will make sure that what you have invested will bring you better outcropping.

Do send different gifts – If you have stable clients for second childhood, make sure that they receive a different type of gift each lastingness; just to give them something to look ballsy to. An intoxicating gift is remembered as well as the company that sends it.

Do check on the things that interest your clients – Each person has his or her own tickle spot. If you are able to hit that spot with the right gift, them you might have already achieved your mission for gift giving as well. Check on the things that relevance your client to make sure that you are positively giving the right gift. You may call your clients or check on their wish list so that you have better idea on what to give.

Do the delivery yourself – A person that frees himself just to give the gift personally can be very supremely appreciated by the clear receiver.

Do consider that the gift is the representation of your company. – Since investing on corporate gift is the way to keep clients loyal to your company and the services it offers, the right corporate gift can turn out to be a good means to increase revenue on the following years. Thus, image is very important. Choose a gift that is of high excellence but does not ruin your budget.


Don't go with the popular – Wall clocks, alarm clocks, ball pens, paper weights, coffee mugs, etc… these items, even if they cost $100 each are still unprofitable because your client has at least isolated of them already, either at home or at the office. Stay these days from these common corporate gift items.

Don’t overlook cultural differences – If you are going to lug a corporate gift to someone with different commonality, make sure that the item you are giving is not against his or her culture, belief or tradition. Items that do not niggard anything to you may be offensive to the receiver so be careful on the items you are making to give as a gift.

Don’t send gifts to former clients – You may not intend to send different message but sending gifts to former clients may relinquish the impression that you are attempting to win back their loyalty.

Don’t forget the assistants – Your client's assistant is the next person you want to build good relations with, so make an effort to send him or her something he or she would appreciate. It may be a small thing for you but for your client's assistant, a thought of since remembered is a commodious thing.

Don’t expect something in return – If you give a client a gift, do not expect him or her to reciprocate the favor. However, it is a good gesture to send a thank you card if you happen to receive something from someone.




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